• The Tel Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis is an institute devoted to the training, teaching and study of all psychoanalytic approaches. The institute intends to provide a high level of knowledge and skill in psychoanalytic theory and practice and to enable a process of professional ever-becoming for associates interested in psychoanalytic training and participation in the work of the institute. We endeavor to provide a training which is broad and open-minded, including a myriad of perspectives and which would encourage trainees to be creative, innovative and critically minded, while adhering to standards of quality and maintaining an ethical commitment to those seeking treatment in all mental health aspects.

    Activity and study in the institute take place through two complementary paths. The first is the Study Forum which encompasses all institute members, including associates in training. This group, also devoted to the development of the institute’s foundations, meets once every month for several hours. Its meetings include theoretical and clinical study as well as organizational discussions. During study sections, associates and guests present their work before the forum and open fundamental psychoanalytic issues up for debate. The second path of activity is that of Training Groups. These groups follow a curriculum which combines theoretical enrichment with learning from clinical experience, while granting associates maximum freedom.

    The Tel Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis considers interdisciplinary research and learning to be a cardinal aspect of psychoanalytic thought – therefore, it includes among its members academic scholars of psychoanalysis from various fields such as philosophy, literature, music and visual arts. Furthermore, the institute is committed to a social outlook, relating to the different social and cultural sectors which make up Israeli reality, according to the humanist values fundamental to psychoanalysis.

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